Based in Massachusetts and available online for shipments to the US, Canada and Europe, Jute & Jackfruit is an eco-fashion company with three main visions.

To empower women worldwide through socially conscious endeavors and fair trade.

To support the environment in everything we do.

To offer exquisite fashion-forward clothing, jewelry and accessories.

The story of how Jute & Jackfruit started goes hand-in-hand with its current goals. Founder Shana Yansen spent time working in Asia and while she was there she made two observations that eventually led to business opportunities. There was a huge garment industry as well as increasing environmental damage.

Having previosly worked as a health educator in Honduras, Shana remembered the women artisans and business owners that she came into contact with and how they impacted her. In an effort to empower these women yet again Shana created an enterprise where women artisans and business owners can better their lives in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Jute & Jackfruit works by finding producers who implement both eco-smart materials and micro-craftsmanship and fair trade in their creations, especially in resource-poor settings.

Jute & Jackfruit sells products from various companies who meet these standards, including my personal favorite:

Nahui Ollin

Nahui Ollin artfully blends Mayan weaving with designer handbag style
Each handbag takes between 1-5 days to make and requires 150 to 4,000 candy wrappers
Through the purchase of these bags, indigenous Mayan communities are empowered to continue weaving and preserving their art, language and culture.
Hand made in Mexico

Check out Jute & Jackfruit online, especially their collection of dresses and Nahui Ollin for the most colorful bags you have ever seen 🙂